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Art To Celebrate Love

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“Art should be about the things that matter most”

I have always been a BIG fan of stunning art. It has always been hard for me to find work that celebrated what I cared about most. Family...

That's why we made Lovey Prints. A way to express your deepest love for those who matter most, in the most special and unique ways we could think of.

- Sarah LoveyPrints

Our Story

It started with me just messing around playing around with the cutest pictures of my family and friends. I printed off some of the designs and hung them on my wall.

Everyone one that saw them was amazed and asked for one too!

That's where we got the idea for Lovey Prints. A way to commemorate the special relationships in your life in true one-of-a-kind fashion.

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Our mission

Make as many special people feel valued and loved as possible!

That's the meaning behind our art and why every piece is bespoke. We want every piece to be truly special and unique just like every unique individual and every unique relationship.

Seeing the smile on someone's face when you hand them a thoughtful gift is a wonderful feeling, lets spread that around the globe as much as we can!

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Every piece is special

Every piece we make is 100% personalised and totally unique to you. You will be the only person to own your special piece!

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Tailored to you

Our products are about you and they are FOR you. We can create beautiful art from any moments you share with us and celebrate the things YOU care about most!

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Satisfaction guarantee

We want you to be truly proud of your loved ones and to feel that unconditional love when you see them. That's why we offer unlimited revisions and a 100% satisfaction with all our products.

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