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4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Child's Sleep. Verified.

1. It's too hot! (Or too cold!)

One of the most common issues with late night wakings and difficulty sleeping will be the temperature of the room. This is an issue that also applies to a lot of grown-ups (yes that means you!). There has been a lot of new science emerging around sleep in the past few years and numerous studies have shown that the ideal temperature for your infant is about 60 - 68  or 16 - 20 ℃.

Tip: Make sure the temperature is around 16-20°C or 60.8°F – 68°F, use a thermometer in the room to guarantee the correct temperature.


2. The room is too bright (or too dark).

In terms of sleep quality generally the darker the room you are in the better sleep you will achieve and the more well rested you will feel in the morning, this applies to babies too. For toddlers however it is very possible that a pitch black room with scare them and put them off sleeping even longer. It is recommended for these toddlers to keep the room as dark as possible whilst still maintaining visibility should they wake up in the night (use your judgement and your child's own input!).

Tip: Darken the room only so far that you can still dimly see your environment and if you use a nightlight, opt for the color red as this supplements your melatonin levels.

3. Teething pains

This is a common and almost inevitable cause of pain and discomfort for your child, especially when sleeping. Teething generally happens around the 6 month mark but there are a few tricks that can help smooth the process over. Teething gels have been known to ease teething pain in children, we highly recommend you go for a non-sugar and non-alcoholic one. Alternatively, you can make some chamomile ice pops and let your little one suck on it before bed. The cold will help numb the gums while the chamomile will relax your infant, allowing them to fall asleep peacefully.

Tip: Use chamomile ice pops or teething gel to help ease your infant's pain and restore a peaceful night-time.

4. There really are monsters under the bed!

There is no precise date that can predict when your child will first experience night scares but it's almost certain to happen eventually. These scares can originate from anything seemingly innocent they experience during the day; a story book character, innocent cartoon or even music video (Baby shark anyone?).

If your child tells you they are scared you must always take them seriously and not brush them off with a 'There's no such thing as monsters' comment. To your child the monsters ARE real and it's not until school that most children can distinguish between their vivid imaginations and true reality.

Tip: If it makes them feel safer, leave some 'monster' spray under the bed aka water in a spray bottle. You can even get creative with this and create your own monster spray with various household ingredients. A flashlight left under the bed can also work wonders for when your child is feeling scared in the night.

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