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"Every time I walk past our portrait, I'm transported back to our wedding day, feeling all the joy and love all over again." - Maria P.

"Every time I walk past our portrait, I'm transported back to our wedding day, feeling all the joy and love all over again." - Maria P.

  • Eternal love captured in personalized artwork

  • Unique expression of romance tailored to you

  • Cherish memories with timeless, emotive art

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Hold Onto the Moment Forever With Our Wedding Portrait.

Our Wedding Portrait isn't just a piece of art; it's a gateway to treasured memories. With each brushstroke, we immortalize the essence of your bond, encapsulating the magic of your special day.

Let us help you preserve the timeless love you share. Order your custom-crafted portrait today and cherish the memories forever.

Perfect Gift For Every Occasion.

Versatile portraits for anniversaries, weddings, or heartfelt gifts.

Anniversary Gifts

Keep memories alive
with a timeless tribute.

Wedding Keepsakes

Preserve the magic of
 your special day.

A Gift of Love

Share your story through
 personalized art.

Craft Your Unique Love Story With Us.

Unique, Just Like Your Love.

Your love story is as unique as you are, and our Wedding Portrait celebrates that individuality. Through personalized artistry, we transform your cherished moments into a visual symphony of romance. Each stroke is a reflection of your journey together, capturing the laughter, the tears, and the unspoken promises. 

Elevate Your Love Story with LoveyPrints.


Crafted uniquely for your love story, creating a masterpiece.


Captures everlasting love, preserving memories for generations.

Meaningful Gift

Symbolizes affection and connection, perfect for special occasions.

Artistic Expression

Transforms moments into captivating watercolor portraits.







Keep Your Love Alive.

Each brushstroke captures the essence of your love story, ensuring that every glance brings back cherished memories. Our artwork serves as a timeless reminder of the commitment and joy you shared, preserving the beauty of your special day for years to come. Order now and keep the magic alive.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed.

With our unlimited revisions policy, we ensure that your Wedding Portrait is exactly as you envision it. We understand the importance of getting every detail just right, so we offer unlimited revisions until you're completely satisfied. Let's work together to create a masterpiece you'll cherish forever. Start your journey with us today.

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Preview Your Custom Art

In 24 hours, we'll email your art proof. Request edits or approve it for printing.

Cherish It Forever

Unwrap portrait, shed happy tears, dance, and cherish memories.

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What sets a custom wedding watercolor portrait apart from traditional wedding photos?

While traditional photos capture moments, a watercolor portrait interprets them, adding an artistic depth and emotional layer that brings your memories to life in a unique way.

Can art truly enhance our connection to past memories?

Art has the power to evoke emotions and memories in a profound way, offering a new perspective on cherished moments and deepening your connection to them through its interpretive nature.

How do we select the perfect photo for our portrait?

Consider choosing a photo that speaks to you emotionally, whether it's a candid moment or a formal pose. The best photo often is the one that best reflects the feelings and memories you wish to immortalize.

Can the portrait include subtle tributes to special people or moments?

Absolutely. Our process allows for the inclusion of meaningful details that can subtly honor special people or moments, weaving them into the fabric of your portrait in a way that feels both natural and meaningful.

Why might watercolor be preferred for capturing our wedding day?

Watercolor brings a softness and vibrancy that mirrors the emotional and fleeting nature of wedding day memories, offering a distinctively dreamy and romantic quality that other mediums might not capture as effectively.

How long does shipping take?

UK Orders: 2-4 days shipping after a 24-hour creation period.

International Orders: 1-2 weeks, following a 24-hour artwork creation timeframe.

Creation Process: Each portrait begins its journey within 24 hours of your order placement. Our artists dedicate this time to meticulously crafting your artwork, focusing on capturing the unique essence with precision and artistry.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?


See It First: Right after we finish your portrait, we'll send you a preview. If there's anything you'd like changed, let us know. We're happy to make as many edits as it takes to make sure you love it.

Make It Right: Not thrilled with your portrait when it arrives? We'll redo it for you, no questions asked. We're here to make sure you're satisfied with your artwork.

Proven Track Record: We've created portraits for over 600,000 customers since 2019, and we're proud of our thousands of 5-star reviews.

Got Questions? If you're unsure about anything, just reach out to our support team. We're here to answer all your questions.

Special: Ready to get started? We're excited to create a portrait that you'll absolutely love. All styles are welcome!

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