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Must-haves For Your Nursery

Must-haves for your nursery
Creating the perfect nursery for your baby doesn’t have to be expensive! In fact, opting for the right nursery must-haves can save you money and ensure that you’ little one’s space lasts for years.
Read on for a list of what you really need to have in your nursery.


It goes without saying that your baby is going to need somewhere to sleep! Cots can get pretty expensive - opting for one that can be transformed into a toddler bed by removing the side will mean that you can use the bed for longer and save money.
Some parents like to move their baby into a Montessori-style floor-bed once their baby has moved into their own room. Spend a little time researching baby beds to find the perfect fit for you and your family.

Nappy changing station

Dedicate space in your nursery to creating a changing station for your baby. You might choose to put a changing mat with raised sides on top of a secure dressing table, or maybe you would rather buy a full changing table with extra storage underneath.
You might simply want to start by changing your baby on the floor or the bed - just be aware that this can be the cause of severe back pain!


Selecting a rug to match the decor of your nursery will not only make the space even more beautiful but more practical too. A rug makes for a cosy area to spend tummy time and general playtime, as well as being much easier to clean/replace than a full carpet - because sick, poop, and spills happen!


Wall art

What’s a nursery without some cute images on the wall? Paintings and photos are a great way to introduce your baby to different shapes and colours. Our 6-piece jungle-themed set of paintings is the ideal addition to any nursery - and better yet, they’re complete with affirmations to inspire your child as they grow.

Low shelves

Low shelves make it easier for your baby to access their own toys - and whilst they might be doing that as a newborn, they’ll be crawling around and looking for entertainment in no time! Use the shelves to place a selection of toys and books that you can engage in with your baby.




Opt for a dim lamp or nightlight that you can put in your baby’s room to make night feeds easier or to keep them company during the night. Place any lamps away from the cot for safety reasons and to make it a little less shocking for your baby when you turn it on at night!
Nightlights can be a lovely way to lull your baby to sleep - many come with the ability to project patterns onto the ceiling for you and your baby to watch together.


Choose a rocking chair or other comfortable chair in your nursery to make night feeds and cuddles more comfortable for you. There’s nothing worse than standing to rock your baby to sleep when you’re just about ready to fall over with fatigue!
Have fun creating and decorating what will soon become your favourite room in the house!

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