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The 4 Best Baby Toys 6 12 Months

Your baby is already halfway through her first year on our planet and is quickly making the transition from newborn to older baby. By 6 months old, babies are becoming much more noticeably interested in the world around them and are very eager to interact with it. As your baby begins to get more adept at sitting and making her way through physical, emotional and cognitive milestones at a rapid pace, toys and interactive activities will have a major impact on her development.
Here are the 4 best baby toys for 6 - 12 months year old's to help them develop and provide hours of entertainment:

1) The Teenie Talking Hamster Toy

As excited as parents may be to hear their baby’s first word, all babies develop language and speech patterns at their own unique pace. With that in mind, however, there are certain activities which have been proven to speed along the process and help aid the development of language skills.
The Teenie Talking Hamster Toy will repeat back anything you say to it, no matter what language and in the most adorable voice! For young children this helps to teach them namely cause and affect; doing certain actions will cause repeatable and predictable results in the real world. It also attunes them to speech and familiarises them with language and communication.
This Talking Hamster Toy also provides endless fun for parents and friends, you can talk to it when your feeling lonely or from across the room!

2) Stacking Cups

Object permanence is one of the first skills your baby will develop and helps them recognise that objects, such as a favorite toy (or even mom and dad), still exist even if they are out of sight. Babies begin to develop this skill at around 5 months old, and this is precisely why a game of peek-a-boo is so popular with babies at this age. Toys that involve hiding will help to develop this skill.

3) Touch and Feel Story Books

At number 3 of Best Baby Toys for 6 12 month year old's is the hugely popular touch and feely story books. All children develop speech and language skills at their own pace but there is never any harm in using certain tools or activities to speed along the process. Reading along with your child is always a great bonding activity and fantastic learning exercise, the touch elements will help to keep your little one engaged throughout the whole story.

Board books are the perfect toy for encouraging language development.

4) Textured Play Ball Set

These are great for practising sensory play, this is any activity which involves using the 5 senses (sight, touch, feel, taste, sound). These senses help your baby explore the world around him. Toys with various and contrasting textures are ideal for sensory play.

Textured balls are great for babies because they can explore them using their hands and mouths. 

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