FAQ – Lovey Prints


Is my payment information secure?

Our store is built on the Shopify platform. Payments are processed on Shopify's state of the art technology to keep your information safe. Your security is our #1 priority, so we take it a step further. We have partnered with McAfee Security to give every customer $100,000 identity theft protection when they purchase on our site. You can shop safely on our site knowing you are protected.


Can we combine photos?

Absolutely! Just checkout as normal with your purchase and send us all the images you would like in Etsy chat, along with details of how you want it to look!


Can I see a proof being placing an order?


We require an order to be placed before creating a proof since it involves extensive effort from our artists. However you have the option to cancel after seeing your proof , with a small fee deducted for the artists time.

Do we provide tracking?

We like to offer our service for the best value possible so we give the option for tracking at checkout.

If you would prefer to save money on your order and ship without tracking that is absolutely fine.

If you would like tracking with your order just choose 'Tracked' shipping upgrade before checkout :)

How long is shipping?

Our processing times are usually 1 day or 2 maximum, once your happy with your digital proof we can ship out.

After shipping any UK orders should arrive within 1-2 days. Any Europe orders should arrive within 1 week or 2 max.

We also recently partnered with a US provider so any US orders should also arrive within a few working days :)